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What will you be doing?

We have a variety of activities that you can participate in. The reason that SigEp is so popular is because it is so diverse.  Whether you have a heart for Intramural sports, or you have a drive to do community service, SigEp can meet your needs. Here is a breakdown of what we do throughout the year:

Intramural Sports

We participate in every intramural sport that UNO offers which includes:

Community Service

As a SigEp, you get many opportunities to participate in Community Service events each year. We believe that serving the community is an essential part of life. Here are a couple of the events that we do each year:

Social Events

The time that you share with your SigEp brothers in college will be something that you'll never forget. We know that nothing in life will be more memorable than the relationships that you will start in the chapter and the memories with those guys. Our Programming department strives to plan events that will be both fun and rewarding for you and the chapter as a whole. Here are some of those events:

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