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Executive Board

Dylan "DT" Thompson (contact)
Chapter President

The Chapter President is responsible for leading his brothers and managing the operations of the chapter. He is the face of the Fraternity to the chapter, the Greek community and the university.

Hans Espiritu (contact)
Vice President of Programming

The Vice President of Programming is responsible for the planning and execution of the chapter’s events and functions. He is the head of the programming committee and works to ensure his brothers have a balanced, values-based experience.

Chase Reed (contact)
Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is the chapter's chief financial officer. He is entrusted with managing the chapter's budget and properly allocating financial resources.

Dawsen Ragone (contact)
Vice President of Member Development

The Vice President of Member Development is in charge of leading our members through the Balanced Man Program, helping our members to become better men both within and outside the chapter. Through tracker meetings and challenges in each stage of the tracker, the Vice President of Member Development helps our members achieve the SigEp ideology of "Sound Mind, Sound Body," becoming leaders, professionals, and balanced men.

Jack Burns (contact)
Vice President of Recruitment

The Vice President of Recruitment is in charge of recruiting new members to the chapter. SigEp has a year-round recruitment policy, so our Vice President of Recruitment is working to recruit new members throughout their entire term.

Luke Tasler (contact)
Vice President of BMS

The Vice President of BMS is in charge of determining the recipient of the Balanced Man Scholarship. Throughout their term, they promote the Balanced Man Scholarship to incoming college freshmen, interview the applicants, and select the recipients. They then put on the Balanced Man Banquet at the beginning of the fall semester to present the scholarship to the recipients.

Will Olsen (contact)
Vice President of Communications

The Vice President of Communications is the chapter's information officer, lead storyteller, and the primary protector of the chapter’s brand as well as the Grand Chapter's brand. By wielding tools like chapter sites and social media, this position can help shape perception of the chapter and put its brand in a position to thrive on campus.

Nathan "Nate" Guenther (contact)

The Chaplain is bestowed with the care and guard of the Fraternity’s Ritual. He also leads the judicial branch of the chapter. In doing so, he is responsible for holding all members accountable to the principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love, as well as the other standards of membership. Additionally, the chaplain plays a key role in recognizing and reinforcing the positive behaviors and actions of his brothers.

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