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2019-2020 Upcoming Events

Posted on Aug 18th, 2019

Brothers and Friends of SigEp - Save these upcoming event dates. More information will be released as these events approach. If you have any questions about a specific event, please let us know!

Balanced Man Scholarship Banquet

Posted on Sep 13th, 2017

On the evening of Sunday, September 10th, the Nebraska Beta chapter convened in a ballroom on Dodge Campus to celebrate recipients of our annual scholarships and other honored guests. 

Each year, the Nebraska Beta chapter offers four Balanced Man Scholarships: two $250 scholarships, one $500 scholarship, and one $1000 scholarship.  The awards are given to freshmen students who demonstrate exemplary commitment to being balanced men.  That commitment is embodied in the core values that SigEp develops in its members, sound mind and sound body.

Nebraska Beta proudly awards, Nolan Naffziger ($250), Branden Sieborg($250), Salik Ford ($500), and Jared Crain ($1000) the Balanced Man Scholarships.

In addition to our scholarship recipients, Mr. Phil Foster, his parents, and representatives from the Nebraska Alpha chapter where also in attendance.  Foster is an alumnus of the Nebraska Beta chapter, and delivered an inspirational speech about his father, whom Foster believes is an example of a truly balanced man.

-Mr. A. D. Bartholet


A Very Successful CLA for NE Beta

Posted on Mar 2nd, 2014

The 2014 Carlson Leadership Academy (CLA) for our region was held February 28th - March 2nd.  The Nebraska Beta Chapter received numerous awards for excellence!  

CLA provides interactive officer training to over 2,600 undergraduates and volunteers annually.  Many undergraduates run for executive board positions because they have great goals and visions for their chapter.  Attending a CLA ensures an officer will have the skills to manage a committee and follow through on those goals.  The program also helps executive boards work together to ensure they all have goals consistent with a unified vision for the chapter.

CLA provides education for each specific officer position, as well as strategic planning and goal setting, and chapter leadership.  The program emphasizes the use of each officer’s individual strengths to build a complete team. Participants spend time on chapter analysis, large and small group sessions and informal interactions with other chapters. Participants will enhance their skill sets and leadership abilities to help them as chapter officers, in other leadership roles, in group projects and eventually in the work force for the rest of their lives.

Chapter officers will return to campus with a better understanding of their position, as well as a holistic strategy for moving their chapter forward.   More than 150 seasoned volunteers from across the country share their experiences as facilitators during the program.

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